Orange tempted skins.

This unique wine is the achievement of the permanent search for the quality of things well done, working the grape verdejo with a strict maturation to achieve the maximum potential aromatic and gustatory, once the cold grapes are destemmed and is put as it is in a jar of 20 large pitchers (the equivalent of 320 liters), the grape undergoes a first process of maceration in cold for several days until the yeasts adapt to the cold medium and begins the magic of fermentation !!

This first phase where there is a carbonic fermentation, the grapes are gradually breaking and that CO2 generated is the natural protector of this wine-must, after almost 5 weeks of slow fermentation finally the miracle is complete.

After 6 months of wine aging along with the skins 50% of the skins are partially pressed and this wine is added to the jar.

There is no wine racking or any correction, the wine remains inside the jar at a controlled temperature of 13 degrees for 11 months, time necessary for the tannins to polymerize and lose its natural aggressiveness.

The magic is complete when all the power of this wine goes tamping with the bottle months and little by little it becomes more affordable!!!

Not filtered, not clarified, not spoiled. Worked in the old fashion where time had a lot to say! Natural wine and naked one!!

And after five generations more and more faithful to our land, our grapes and our roots.

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