La Resistencia

The first vintage of this cuvée was during the 2018 harvest.

The idea behind the creation of this wine actually comes from a case of force majeure. Indeed, a few days before the start of our harvest (October 2018), the cellar to whom the grapes were to be sold backed out.

“Sorry Ismael, we have no more space in the cellar to receive your grapes.” After rejecting several purchase offers from different wineries throughout the year, I found myself in a situation where my grapes had no press to receive them.

For a small winemaker, having to abandon his grapes in the vineyards is like a failure and this is what I shared with my fantastic team: We are going to clean up the old cellar that we have not used for over 35 years, wash the old tinajas (terracotta pot) that were once used for the famous wines of Nieva and make a wine as the old ones did. We will keep the Jeronimos tradition alive!

The production of this wine goes as follows:

The whole bunches are pressed at very low pressure and the must is immediately, without undergoing any decantation, deposited in the old 1800 liter tinajas. During fermentation (slow, due to the low temperature of the cellar), there is no aeration, riddling, racking, adding or removing of any sort. So we can say that what we have done in the vineyard is what we will find in the bottle. The wine remains in the tinajas for the months necessary for refining, decanting and natural clarification.

And now, welcome to the Resistance team! Thanks for drinking me!

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