Sin Nombre

The most important thing about this wine is not its name!!

Wine of the trilogy of Ismael Gozalo ,it is fermented in wood and remains in it for at least 9/10 months in contact with its final lees, at the beginning of August the wine is removed from the barrel to give it its second breeding period, This time in stainless steel tanks, it remains for at least another 9/10 months, thus passing its second winter of breeding with the fine lees.

After these months the wine can be considered stable and bottled following the same premises as always, day and moon !!!. Unclarified, unfiltered!!.

The wine without a name.

So simple is the name of this wine verdejo fermented and raised in a cask of 12 HL, cannot be simpler way to work, the only magic lies in the high quality of the raw material, grapes from el Pago de los Navales.

It is the result of a sinfín sin: No Correction of Acidity, No Enhancement, No Correction of CO2 up to bottling, Unclarified, Unfiltered, No Replenishment of lees, No Battonage…

That is without removing its natural purity that can be felt when finishing a bottle you feel more at ease than a rooster!!!

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