As its name indicates it is a delicate, subtle, sharp and very FRAGILE wine with a lot of varietal character verdejo.

Racking must with low turbidity. It is lowered to 16-liter glass jars for fermentation.

The low temperature of fermentation, due to the constant of 13 degrees of the underground cellar, makes that during the fermentation it does not lose the primary aromas.

After the slow fermentation the wine is allowed to rest in contact with its own lees. This breeding in glass makes the wine have a natural protection without the need to use SO2.

Wine 100% green, 100% vine in glass, 100% prefilozoic, 100% harmonic culture, 100% crystalline, that is to say 100% natural without added sulphites.

Unique and unrepeatable wine !!!

Production 380 bottles year and 3 magnum.

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