Unique and inimitable wine project that started in 2010.

One day, the crazy idea of wanting to make the best wine possible with “the grapes that are not the best in each year” came to my mind.These are not to be confused with poor quality grapes, which we do not know to grow.

The concept is to try to reflect as accurately as possible the unique characteristics of the vintage and whatever incident or climatic conditions have marked the vine cycle during the whole year.

Whether it is frost, hail, the appearance of fungus, a very wet or, on the contrary, a very dry vintage…

As you know, working in the fields is not mathematical. It is for this reason that we want to make the best wine possible and to be successful, despite the challenges that Mother Nature puts on our way. This is, after all, our job. As you well know, with good grapes, anyone can make a bad wine. However, to make the best wine possible with the most fragile grapes of each year requires knowledge and experience.

When you hold a bottle of Circustancial in your hand, you will find only one clue to understand the vintage effect.

If the wax that seals the bottles is blue, the wine is the product of a cold and/or humid cycle. If the wax is instead yellow, this indicated a hot and/or dry vintage.

And finally, even if we were to attempt to reproduce a vintage of Cicustancial, to do so would not be easy. In these wines, the climate is the principal protagonist and we are mere spectators.

The show must go on…

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