ISSÉ Viñador Soñador

Jar, 100% Verdejo, prefilozoic vineyard, vineyard planted in 1868 in Nieva, on a very poor soil of siliceous sand and boulder at an altitude of 915 meters. Surface area 0.58 ha. Resuming the tradition of the grandparents and this area, this wine is born.

Isse is the result of putting must with high turbidity, in earthen jars. With minimal intervention the fermentation develops very slowly, controlled thanks to the temperature of the cave of El Parral (11th to 14th). The fermentation lasts several months, after this time, the jar is covered for its aging.

The wine remains in contact with the mud for 11/12 months, after this time it is left another 10/12 months in a stainless tank and proceed to bottling.

Production 780 liters.

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