Sin rumbo

100% Verdejo, prefioxérico vineyard, vineyard planted in 1872 in Nieva, on a very poor soil of siliceous sand, gravel and pebbles. At an altitude of 910 meters. Area 0.42 ha. “The Naval”.

The way to elaborate is somewhat atypical, we leave as always grape harvested by hand, in small boxes, when the grapes are cold, press the whole cluster in a small vertical press, looking for a hyper-oxidation of the must. Partially defatted must passes to the barrel to start the alcoholic fermentation, the first two weeks it is tried a slow fermentation and in the second stretch the opposite.

That is why the wine has a slight touch of volatile that gives it a very interesting taste, relaunching its nose and slightly increasing the acidity.

The production is of 2 barrels per year.

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