As the label indicates it is a young, agile and dynamic wine, long and easy to drink, it does not cease to have structure and intensity.

A peculiarity of these wines is that they are 0.0 SO2, unfiltered clarify.


Our varietal par excellence, is here in the province of Segovia where better agronomic performance is due to a combination of factors, among them the heterogeneity of soils, aridity of the area, the old mass selections from old vineyards of Verdejo, the ungrafted vines this coupled with the climate of the area with its contrasts summer / winter and day / night.


whole and low temperature grapes are pressed as always been cast in vertical press, seeking the opposite pole of the new enology, something that most are afraid hyperoxidation, looking to make stable wines over time, making them hard from the initially, none of protection based on “black magic” but the approach is the classicism and tradition as my grandparents did their wines.

The vertical press of 5 hl has a difference with that used by my grandparents, the basket is stainless for easy cleaning and avoid unwanted aromas and flavors in wine.

Once the grapes are pressed, following his tempo and drain after underperforming the must it is decanted with the only aid of a flute deposits (narrow and high) and cold.

Must partially racked, is joined together to pull up the F.A no obsession with the fermentation temperature, for indigenous yeasts each year have their differences and change their behavior.

After the F.A the wine remains in contact with the lees for at least 5 months, no movement of lees to prevent the loss of natural CO2 and is an assistant to avoid evolution in the wine.

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