100% I...

Curiosities of life make this wine possible, starting from a vineyard of 1847 feet prefilozoic franc. When I requested the quota of this plot to put the grapes in the cellar they tell me in the control organ that the vineyard is unregistered and that they cannot do anything for that harvest, that I ask for the following year, Register the vineyard and put my grape in the cellar at night as if it had stolen, that illegality makes you imagine a wine with its own identity where it is never racked, pumps are never used, only by gravity, hence its high content in CO2 . The must goes to barrel of 4/5 years where it is between 10/11 months tuning to bring all the potential of the varietal and the terroir where the vineyard sinks its roots.

By not having SO2, the CO2 protects it from oxidation, hence its frizzant character.

The name is already registered by a German company and that quasi-illegal name will not end.

And the last curiosity is that after putting this name, this German company learned that produce this wine, only one barrel, about 265 bot / year and has already started to import some of my wines from Germany.

You know, all this is the result of a viticulture and elaboration of BIOSINERGIAS

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