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Ismael Gozalo Wines

Get wines that represent the naturalness and varietal is always our top, but sometimes, it is also necessary to keep alive came in a period of his life, and monitor their development. We launched a new line of wines, within Microbe and I do, with my name, because I think that the two lines will be important in themselves and, at the same time complementary. Wines are naturally filtering without altering its grandeur and its ability to transmit as was the vintage. Wines in which, through its taste, sun, rain and cold, and, of course, grooves marked, year after year, their elderly mothers, our vines Verdejo ungrafted is read, they deserve always the utmost respect and commitment.

This great trilogy consists of: La Banda del ArgĂ­lico, Sin Nombre and ResPublica Verdejo. Each has its place, its time and its market. Make this line Ismael Gozalo, like the Microbe line, it was an outstanding debt: do it by doing it, or not doing it was always the question. Today it is a reality.

Live Wines of Ismael Gozalo

Microbio Wines

They are grown organically and harmoniously, as respectfully as possible and with little intervention, to avoid leaving traces in the ecosystem. The most important is the balance between soil, plant, fruit and wine, where nothing happens at random. Work the field as our grandparents did, with the soul, knowing that good wine is made in the vineyard and watching the passage of time through the vines and their cycles.