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R.s-P.bl.c. Verdejo

Little to say about this wine that completes the Ismael Gozalo wine trilogy, coming from a plot with Grand Cru qualification in El Carril.

Fermentation and aging in 228l. Where it remains 10/11 months and finally leaves a few more months for its natural decantation prior to bottling.

The bottled wine remains a few months in the cellar before putting it in the market and in a few hours it leaves my cellar !!!

La Banda del Argílico


Ripe grapes in perspective from two different vineyards in the municipality of Nieva, both planted in ungrafted.

The first with sandy soil (in the meadow of the vineyards) and the second sandy soil with gravel (Sarabia) low yields in the field and low yields in wine cellar make this possible.

It is a nod to bands argillite with our soils and where the roots sink to capture the minerality and where the exchange of nutrients is done.

The bands have many functions, make buffer so that moisture does not evaporate and always maintain an acceptable water status in plants .TB here is where microbes spend the summer heat not to die !!!. And where exchange occurs in the clay / humic complex.

This wine is the result of 2 harvests a first looking for freshness, low pH and low alcohol and the second and majority is giving maturation, finesse, fruitiness, length on the palate and structure, this union of the two musts make the magic of the balance and equilibrium.

The wine remains in contact with its fine lees for 5 ½ months.


Manual like all grapes that go into Microbiowines.

This wine is the youngest from Ismael Gozalo line.

Sin Nombre

The most important thing about this wine is not its name!!

Wine of the trilogy of Ismael Gozalo ,it is fermented in wood and remains in it for at least 9/10 months in contact with its final lees, at the beginning of August the wine is removed from the barrel to give it its second breeding period, This time in stainless steel tanks, it remains for at least another 9/10 months, thus passing its second winter of breeding with the fine lees.

After these months the wine can be considered stable and bottled following the same premises as always, day and moon !!!. Unclarified, unfiltered!!.

The wine without a name.

So simple is the name of this wine verdejo fermented and raised in a cask of 12 HL, cannot be simpler way to work, the only magic lies in the high quality of the raw material, grapes from el Pago de los Navales.

It is the result of a sinfín sin: No Correction of Acidity, No Enhancement, No Correction of CO2 up to bottling, Unclarified, Unfiltered, No Replenishment of lees, No Battonage...

That is without removing its natural purity that can be felt when finishing a bottle you feel more at ease than a rooster!!!


Benjamín Romeo and Ismael Gozalo, two passionate pirates of their terroirs and their vineyards get together to make this wine possible.

This wine contains the best of each of us, the best of our experience, the best grapes we grow and especially truth and honesty!!!

It is the result of a mixture of terroir of San Vicente de la Sonsierra with its native grapes viura, malvasia and white garnacha and on the other hand the green grape of highlands of the province of Segovia in the term of Nieva, where our autochthonous verdejo is Adapted many centuries ago to aridity and poor soils of siliceous sand and gravel.

Mix of soils, orientations, varieties, experiences and common sense.

You could say that this wine is a message in a bottle!

Thanks to our friendship, you can enjoy this wine of which we produce 820 numbered magnum.