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As the label indicates it is a young, agile and dynamic wine, long and easy to drink, it does not cease to have structure and intensity.

A peculiarity of these wines is that they are 0.0 SO2, unfiltered clarify.


Our varietal par excellence, is here in the province of Segovia where better agronomic performance is due to a combination of factors, among them the heterogeneity of soils, aridity of the area, the old mass selections from old vineyards of Verdejo, the ungrafted vines this coupled with the climate of the area with its contrasts summer / winter and day / night.


whole and low temperature grapes are pressed as always been cast in vertical press, seeking the opposite pole of the new enology, something that most are afraid hyperoxidation, looking to make stable wines over time, making them hard from the initially, none of protection based on "black magic" but the approach is the classicism and tradition as my grandparents did their wines.

The vertical press of 5 hl has a difference with that used by my grandparents, the basket is stainless for easy cleaning and avoid unwanted aromas and flavors in wine.

Once the grapes are pressed, following his tempo and drain after underperforming the must it is decanted with the only aid of a flute deposits (narrow and high) and cold.

Must partially racked, is joined together to pull up the F.A no obsession with the fermentation temperature, for indigenous yeasts each year have their differences and change their behavior.

After the F.A the wine remains in contact with the lees for at least 5 months, no movement of lees to prevent the loss of natural CO2 and is an assistant to avoid evolution in the wine.


As its name indicates it is a delicate, subtle, sharp and very FRAGILE wine with a lot of varietal character verdejo.

Racking must with low turbidity. It is lowered to 16-liter glass jars for fermentation.

The low temperature of fermentation, due to the constant of 13 degrees of the underground cellar, makes that during the fermentation it does not lose the primary aromas.

After the slow fermentation the wine is allowed to rest in contact with its own lees. This breeding in glass makes the wine have a natural protection without the need to use SO2.

Wine 100% green, 100% vine in glass, 100% prefilozoic, 100% harmonic culture, 100% crystalline, that is to say 100% natural without added sulphites.

Unique and unrepeatable wine !!!

Production 380 bottles year and 3 magnum.


Curiosities of life make this wine possible, starting from a vineyard of 1847 feet prefilozoic franc. When I requested the quota of this plot to put the grapes in the cellar they tell me in the control organ that the vineyard is unregistered and that they cannot do anything for that harvest, that I ask for the following year, Register the vineyard and put my grape in the cellar at night as if it had stolen, that illegality makes you imagine a wine with its own identity where it is never racked, pumps are never used, only by gravity, hence its high content in CO2 . The must goes to barrel of 4/5 years where it is between 10/11 months tuning to bring all the potential of the varietal and the terroir where the vineyard sinks its roots.

By not having SO2, the CO2 protects it from oxidation, hence its frizzant character.

The name is already registered by a German company and that quasi-illegal name will not end.

And the last curiosity is that after putting this name, this German company learned that produce this wine, only one barrel, about 265 bot / year and has already started to import some of my wines from Germany.

You know, all this is the result of a viticulture and elaboration of BIOSINERGIAS


Jar, 100% Verdejo, prefilozoic vineyard, vineyard planted in 1868 in Nieva, on a very poor soil of siliceous sand and boulder at an altitude of 915 meters. Surface area 0.58 ha. Resuming the tradition of the grandparents and this area, this wine is born.

Isse is the result of putting must with high turbidity, in earthen jars. With minimal intervention the fermentation develops very slowly, controlled thanks to the temperature of the cave of El Parral (11th to 14th). The fermentation lasts several months, after this time, the jar is covered for its aging.

The wine remains in contact with the mud for 11/12 months, after this time it is left another 10/12 months in a stainless tank and proceed to bottling.

Production 780 liters.

Kilómetro 0

100% verdejo, viñedo prefiloxérico, vendimia entera, se fermenta en tinajas de barro, tras dos meses de fermentación, la pasta se prensa y el vino se baja a barrica, para su crianza durante 10/12 meses. Después de la primera crianza en barrica se deja durante otros 10 meses en depósito, para su afinado final.

Estos vinos tienen una alta tanicidad, debido al contacto del mosto con las pieles y raspón durante largo tiempo.

El color es naranja. Esta es la razón de su nombre.

Este tipo de vinos son muy longevos y agradecen largas guardas en botella.

La producción es de 1 barrica al año.

Sin Rumbo

100% Verdejo, prefioxérico vineyard, vineyard planted in 1872 in Nieva, on a very poor soil of siliceous sand, gravel and pebbles. At an altitude of 910 meters. Area 0.42 ha. "The Naval".

The way to elaborate is somewhat atypical, we leave as always grape harvested by hand, in small boxes, when the grapes are cold, press the whole cluster in a small vertical press, looking for a hyper-oxidation of the must. Partially defatted must passes to the barrel to start the alcoholic fermentation, the first two weeks it is tried a slow fermentation and in the second stretch the opposite.

That is why the wine has a slight touch of volatile that gives it a very interesting taste, relaunching its nose and slightly increasing the acidity.

The production is of 2 barrels per year.


The concept Rack comes from a commission to make a wine very rare, rare with balls, hence its name RACK.

This wine comes out like all the white wines made in MicroBioWines, from vines of verdejo in free standing in certified organic cultivation.

This style of wine is a very radical preparation looking for the elasticity of the varietal to know its most extreme part in the sense of working the musts and fermentations with a very high turbidity, looking for a reduction. And therefore, a self protection of the wine. While the reduction / oxidation balance is high there is no risk of generating too much volatility.

And on musts in fermentation in stainless steel I am adding fine cool bubbles to raise the turbidity.

I understand that it is a very difficult wine and is not to start drinking wine, it is for those of us who like wine and want new experiences!

650 bottles production.

Without sulfites added, without corrections, the wine remains until the end of February with lees of the fermentation, there is no battonage nor traced not to lose the reduction. The wine is bottled in mid-March, the first harvest of this wine was in 2013, but is not yet on the market, the 2014 vintage is bottled on 12/3/15.


Result of a fermentation and aging in old fudres of 1050 liters, where I intend to respect to the maximum the varietal expression of the verdejo united to the factor soil.

Wine elaborated taking full advantage of the biosynergies of factors as important in a wine as are altitude, age of the vineyard and soil.

Perhaps it is the most saline wine of which I elaborate, reminding to us that the ground where the vines are incinerated 180 million years ago was the sea Tethys.

Nieva York

100% Verdejo.

Petillant naturel or as it is known Pet Nat, good bubbles = good times.

It is the bubbles of the house, made with the grapes of the first days of vintage, fermented wine with low turbidity and low temperature, when density has fallen enough is bottled to finish the F.A. in the bottle.

After a few months of aging in the bottle with its fine lees, a deguelle a la volé is made to remove those lees and is completed with dry wine from the same lot.

Now just a little excuse is missing to open one of these bottles and they will make magic of that moment !!.


BRUTAL, a wine made with Verdejo grapes that each year will have a different interpretation of this our native grape, but always under the same thread, "not leave anyone indifferent when drinking it". Years where the long macerations of grape will give the sensation of wines infused with many memories and post-tastes of chamomile, salvias, scrub, resinous and menthol touches, years where due to long fermentations at low temperatures the main protagonist is the volatile, but elegant and integrated giving extra feeling of freshness and tension to this wine.

Brutal, "If you've come this far, there's no turning back !!!" you're one more of the brutal wine corporation.